Can Spam Act Compliance


We always respect the CAN SPAM ACT 2003, because our site deals with the business directory. In the site, we have business data of different companies and of various types. The data includes emails, phone etc. Ultimately, we honor the rules of Can Spam Act 2003.

As a user of our site (free/paid), you must agree to the terms and rules of CAN-SPAM Act. This is based on the terms of the Act.

You can only use a company’s business data gathered from our site for personal and general business.

By using our site, you agree that you are:

(1) NOT permitted to extract/collect/gather bulk business emails, phones or other business data to build your email/phone list.

(2) NOT permitted to use company’s data from our site to create/use any program for unusual bulk email/SMS campaign.

(3) NOT permitted to use review form/contact form of any specific business listing to send periodical emails to business owners for any promotional matter.

You also agree that:

As a user of our site, you will follow the CAN-SPAM Act rules when using the business directory data. Further, we strongly recommend that you follow CAN-SPAM Act 2003 terms when using any contact information of any business for contacting any company owner or sending any message or SMS.