How is My Pro Listing different from others?

There are a number of characteristics that distinguish My Pro Listing from other similar sites. Here are a few:
– We offer you the ability to add the highest number of business info submission fields for adding business information than other business directories. That’s why we are unique!
– We have different “Listing Submission Forms” based on your “Business Type” and “Category.”
– Our site is an opportunistic door to real potential customers and unique visitors.
– We allow the maximum validity facilities until the listing expire.
– After “registration” you will get an awesome user profile to showcase all that you have to offer.
– We provide easy-to-manage your “listings,” enabling a stress-free posting process.
– We make it easy to get great rankings on search engines. You don’t have to worry about attracting unique visitors to your services. We do that work for you.
– We directly send you “Email notifications” of your company “listing” updates, so you don’t have to worry.
– We have a “Featured listing” option, to allow you a chance to be at the forefront of customer’s minds.