Submission Rules

Thank you for visiting this page. Please follow all of our guidelines while submitting your listing to our site. Read all the rules below before submitting your listing.


Submission Language

Listing submission language must be English.

Email & Phone Number

Your added listing must have a real email and phone number. It’s required.

Image/Company photo

You are not permitted to use any digital image for uploading as a listing image instead of your own company logo and company photo. All images should be your own company’s real image.

Add Maximum Info

While making a listing submission, try to fill in all information fields. Please do not skip any fields if you have the data. Note that the more data you add, the more value and visibility you will gain from potential customers and visitors.


In the listing description field do not add any hyperlinks with or without anchor text. Only add the listing description. If you enter any link directly in the description field with or without anchor text, then you will be committing a policy violation of our site. If you do so we may remove your listing or remove your added link after reviewing your listing.

Offensive Word(s)

It is strongly prohibited to use specific offensive or adult words in the listing description field section. We do not allow any adult companies/industries listing.

Duplicate Listing

You are not allowed to submit any duplicate listing. If you submit the same listing twice then both of listings may be removed upon checking.


We hate spamming and spam listings. Any listing with any spamming content or any other spamming behavior will be removed immediately with or without any notice or email notification.

Listing Update

While adding a listing do not add old business data. Further, please update the information on listing regularly.

Update Notification

If you receive any listing update notification please try to follow up and update listing as soon as possible.


You do not need to create multiple user accounts for adding more than one listing. Your account already has the functionality to add unlimited listings based on price packages. So please do not create duplicate user accounts.

Auto Posting

You are strictly not allowed to use any automated program to gather reviews or comments for any specific listing or for multiple listings. We do not allow any automated bot for posting content to our site. So attempting to use any bot or other automated program may ban your account permanently upon checking.

Link in Comments

Do not add your website link or any other website links in the comments. If you comment with a URL you will be automatically removed by our system.

Html Permission

Your are not permitted to place any image link, html code snippets, html banner, html video iframe or any other codes inside of the listing description box. Listing description field is available only for text.

Use Valid Email

For registering to the site you are not permitted to use any disposable email. Any registration with disposable email will be deleted.

If you follow all of our listing submission rules, terms and conditions, then we will do business in a friendly and professional fashion. Let’s build a productive business platform together!